Cricketer’s corpse discovered!

The corpse of Durham County cricketer Hamish Elliott will be found on Friday 22nd March by his teammate, Jim Harris.
Durham Police’s DS Tony Milburn and DI Godolphin Barnes will be first on the scene. Elliott will have bled to death from a gruesome groin wound.
In the ensuing investigation, Milburn’s off-beat surfing friend, Penfold, will help out with some perceptive deductions. But Milburn will suddenly be forced to work with the beautiful siren, Diane Meredith. He will do all he can to avoid committing murder himself, as she manipulates everything around them.

How do I know all this? I wrote it!

This amazing new novel will be available in real time, so you can follow the investigations as they find new information and work out what happened to the unfortunate cricketer. Each day, starting on 22nd March, you will be able to download the next section of the novel, until the mystery is finally solved, one week later.

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